Saturday, 8 June 2013

Card Class at"Kort der kan noget"

The other evening I attended a card class at Love2Scrap. The theme was to make cards which could do something. You might also call them "Surprise Cards".

Our teacher was Pernille Heisel and she certainly knows her "card which can do something". Check out her blog Scr@p by Heisel71.

All students made 3 cards that evening. Here I will only show you two of them. Bare with me - they are not quite done, as no stamping have been done to them yet.

Here is my favorite card:

This Card is a "Pull-and-reveal-Card" as it has a slide window on the front in combination with a hidden tag note.
How cool is that!
A perfect place to write a little personal surprise message.

This card also matches the colour combo which is given in the Summer Card Class 2 Pre-Class Challenge.

The second card is a "Gate-fold" card and opens in the mid front. This also has a window but it is placed inside the card. 

Inside the card there is a little round window. As you opens the card a couple of "curtains" slides to the sides and reveals your personal note or stamp in the window.
I haven't yet decided what to place in the window.

One thing that can be very dangerous about attending such IRL classes is the temptation of purchasing (hoarding!) new stuff. Oh dear.....I did not manage to keep the credit card in my purse. 

The absolute biggest temptation was the NEW Big Shot. It was already on my wish list for my birthday (which is in August) ......but I actually ended up bying it! WHOOPS...
YEAH, a new toy to play with :o) Well, a few other things also ended up going home with me that evening.....

All items were purchased at,.......


  1. Fine kort - og til lykke med de nye indkøb. DEJLIGT at shoppe igennem en gang imellem. =0)

  2. Hold op hvor er det genialt. Sjovt at se lidt nyt...så tak for det.
    Fine, fine papirer du har fundet til de kort.

  3. The "Pull and Reveal" card is fantastic! Love that one. The second card has pretty colors, I would love to see it when all finished. Personally, I would put either "I love you" or, "You are Special" in the circle window. I really like loving messages, and encouraging words. Just saying, because you said you didn't know what you were going to stamp inside that window. Thanks for sharing, and see ya in class.


Thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate it ;o)