Friday, 21 June 2013

Wedding invitation cards on request

Oh My, have I been waiting patiently in order to write this blogpost. The wedding invitations have all been sent out and should by now have arrived at the receivers.

A couple of months back a couple of dear friends of ours came to me asking if I by any chance would help them. They were getting married and needed invitations!! YAY....Congrats :o)
They were hoping I would help them with the wedding invitations. I instantly said YES!
My friend Anne (the bride to be) sent me a picture of the colour scheme they were planning for the wedding (see picture at the end of the blogpost) . It is not your normal wedding colour scheme but, hey, who said you had to go traditional!

Anne & Peter explained to me their ideas and thoughts of how the wedding invitations should look like. Together we came up with the following result....

The card base and front is in creme card stock. The green and orange is from Bazzill. In order not to go traditional Anne & Peter choose a orange heart instead of a red.

The text "Indbydelse" (invitation) is done on the computer and printed out before using the banne die.

With weddings there is always a lot of information which needs to be given to the guests. Dress code, where to park, speeches and songs, who is the toastmaster etc. So there was no way all that would get squeezed into a normal folded card.

The wedding invitation is therefore a little booklet with pages! The extra pages (in creme paper) is fastened with a string of creme embroidery thread. This was Annes suggestion and it looks so pretty and simple.

I must add that I did not do all of this myself. Anne helped as much as she could and I made sure to give her different tasks to do during the production time of the invitations. Especially, since Mr. T and I had a planned vacation in Egypt during this time.


One of my goals when making these invitations was to minimize use of card stock in order to prevent excess waste and of course keep costs down. This took a lot of measuring! But in the end I managed to get the green border on the card front and the green tree out of one piece of card stock.

I cut out a frame in the green card stock and the "inside" piece of the frame was just exactly large enough for the tree die.

The most time consuming tasks with these invitations was gluing on the tree. But the quickie glue pen from Sakura made it easy.  

On the picture above you can see the cut out frame and just to illustrate I have placed the tree die inside the hole of the frame. Behing the frame you see a pre-made piece with the green frame adhered to the creme card front - here shown from the back.

Below you can see the picture Anne gave me to illustrate their choice of colour scheme for the wedding.

 Now we just have to wait untill the BIG day. I wonder what I should wear.....hmmm, always one of the biggest concerns for us girls, LOL :o)

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  1. This is so pretty! That tree is absolutely gorgeous and I love the little orange heart in it!


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