Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Paste & Embossing powder

Yesterday was last day in class and the lesson was about taking it one step further.
I was completely taken by Jennifer McGuire's card where she demonstrated the combination of paste and embossing powders. And yes, it is plural!
I tried the same technique with my wall filler and 3 shades of embossing powder.
As before I have made my own stencil by using a piece of scrap card stock and a die. For this I have used the Poinsettia die from My Favorite Things.
The embossing powder have been distributed on the wet wall filler paste. The trick of applying seveal shades/colours of embossing powder is very easy. Jennifer McGuire showed how easy it can be done - using a plastic drink straw!! You know, the ones you use when drinking limonade etc.
By using the end of a straw you can scoop up small amounts of powder and apply it exactly where you want it.
For my card I choose the shades/colours "Primary bark", "Copper" and "gold". Look how the colours fade into eachother.  

That is all for now.
Pia xx

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  1. Sikke et skønt kort. Som du har leget med farverne og skabt en rigtig god kombinationen


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