Friday, 24 January 2014

Snail Mail....for you. XOXO

Couldn't help myself. Yesterday I finally got home from work at a fairly normal hour. And as Mr. T was out for the whole evening I spoiled myself at the crafts desk.
This is one of the cards I made....

I really like this is my absolute favorite of the ones I made today.

As a little extra touch I drew a little white heart on the snail a slow moving love snail...LOL.

With this card I am participating in Clearly Besotted's Challenge with the theme

Have a good day!
Pia xx

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  1. Hvor ER det sødt og netop sådan er en snegl - man ved aldrig hvor den kravler - så fed ide at den kravler ned langs kanten af kortet. Lyder som en hyggelig aften - jeg var også alene hjemme og lavede årets første private JULEkort (se OSH siden). =0)

  2. Hi Pia. Ha, I love your snail mail card too!!! What a cute idea and what a cool layout! :-)

  3. This looks simply perfect! Love how the frame looks over the little trail :) Thank you for joining in with the Clearly Besotted Challenge x


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