Thursday, 16 July 2015

Deco Foil Rewind - Use of leftovers

Do you know that thing you meant to remember but totally forgot about?
Well, this is one of those time!

I went through my library of video clips and fell upon some clips from the first time I tried out the Deco Foil technique with laser printer and laminator. Had totally forgot about these! But better late than never ;o)

I thought is such a shame with all the leftover parts from the Deco Foil. I couldn't make myself throw them in the trash. And I actually did make use of them, which I am showing in this video thanks to a pdf file from Jennifer McGuire.

Go to THIS blog post for full supply list :o)

Pia xx

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  1. Rigtig lækkert kort - bare jeg havde en laserprinter ;)


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