Monday, 24 August 2015

Four Months Till Christmas

Can you believe it! There is only 4 months till Christmas now.

No point in dragging this out so here is my August Christmas card for 2015.

Honestly, I needed some inspiration to kickstart my mojo this time. I put my faith in and found a wonderful card from Karolyn Loncon which I have CASE'd.

The gorgeous swirly sentiment stamp is from Norwegian Best thing is they produce good quality steel dies in Danish as well as clear stamps. 

The super delicate snowflake dies are actually also from KaBoks. 

Are you getting ready for Christmas?

Right now, I am just getting ready for my birthday tomorrow....can't wait to get my presents from hubby. He never asks for (or wants) a wishlist from me, so I'm always super curious ;)
.....getting a bit impatient.....the inner child is wide awake!


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  1. Happy birthday, Pia! I'm curious now as well what is your present ;)
    Love your card! It's so freezing! I've started preparing for Christmas, but not enough.


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