Friday, 25 September 2015

OCC Day 3 - Water colour pencils and Danish colours

Third day of Online Card Classes is all about water colour pencils and crayons. Now I don't have any of the crayons but I do have the Inktense pencils....which I really, really like. 

Today Jennifer Rzasa shows us how to just go for it with free hand water colouring and she even used the Inktense pencils!

So here is my attempt at free hand water coluring. Must admit I did lightly sketch out the image as Jennifer did before working with the Inktense pencils. I did though not use my eraser to remove the most obvious lines before water colouring. Jennifer did that but I didn't quite feel confident enough to do the same. 

Here is my Danish royal soldier, all ready to be used on a card...
most likely a birthday card :o) 

I am not quite sure what to do about the facial colour 'cause my set of Inktense pencils don't include a light rose/red colour. So I decided to leave him without any "make-up" ;o)

That is all for today. 
Have a wonderful Friday and weekend 

Pia x


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