Tuesday, 24 November 2015

One Month Till Christmas

Oh dear, oh dear, it has begun....

...The Christmas songs on the radio, the Christmas decorations in the shopping streets, in the stores, requests for wishlists, Christmas wishes and the continues blank mind when it comes to my own Christmas wishes (when not including paper craft goodies).

BUT I have made Christmas cards throughout the whole year, so I am not in a complete panic on this matter, yeah! :)

Today I am sharing a couple of cards I have made with the Danish Operation Write Home (Operation Skriv Hjem) in mind. These two cards have already been handed over to Charlie and Fifty with a bunch of other cards, so they can be sent out to our Danish troops

I also made a video to share this simple card tip with you all. As always it's an idea of how to use some of all those bits & pieces of paper we all have laying around. 

And here are a few snapshots of the two cards...

Alright, this sentiment might not work a 100% for OWH. 'Cause the troops don't have the opportunity to send home "soft" Christmas gifts. But it's the thought that counts! :)

That is all for me today. Have a fantastic 24th of November  :)

Pia xx

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  1. rigtig lækre julekort i tern Pia, super søde

  2. Those are both gorgeous cards Pia and what a great video.. Perfect for using up some of those little scraps of paper we accumulate too! xx

  3. EN super god måde at få brugt mindre styker papir på, mne det er vist en af dine favoritter -at få brugt alt. Flot font til din god jul.

  4. Fantastic cards and an awesome idea to use bits and pieces!!

  5. Flotte julekort og smart og enkel teknik - tak for god video.

  6. Hej Pia - Skønt kort og smart teknik - 1000 tak for video og fordi du linker hos OSH. =0)


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