Sunday, 1 November 2015

Scrap-A-Mania Fall convention 2015

I don't participate in a lot of paper crafting conventions, but I truly do love it when I do.

Main reason is basically my job, where it isn't always easy to take extra time off to go away for a whole weekend. But when I do it is an awesome, bewildering, exciting and perhaps expensive experience :)

To be honest, I only started attending conventions two years ago 'cause a won a ticket. Yep, I was so frekking lucky to win a seat for the Scrap-A-Mania convention two years ago through The Danish Operation Write Home blog. 

The first time I went as participating paper crafter at Scrap-A-Mania (also known as SAM) I hardly got anything crafty done. And that is more or less the case since then 'cause there are sooooo much you need to do. 

  1. Catching up with crafty friends whom you only see through social media and blog land.
  2. Looking at all the fabulous new goodies in the participating stores.
  3. Getting an overview of the best deals to be made....this can actually be quite time consuming and a bit of a jungle ;)
  4. Keeping an overview of your wishlist....which has a tendency to keep getting longer and longer as the weekend goes. 
  5. Just sitting at your seat looking at your new purchases dreaming of all the wonderful projects to be made with them.
  6. Walking through the rows to spot interesting projects which other participants are making.....those who actually gets something done! Myself not always included ;)
Be sure to bring the BIG vallet 'cause if you think you can walk in through those doors and NOT buy anything at all, then you are totally and utterly BONKERS! ;)
Now if you by some insane reason actually want to spend money, then you can visit 
Scrap-A-Mania in Roskilde Kongres- og Idr√¶tscenter, Denmark. 
Pssst....there is free parking.
This years fall SAM convention takes place 
Saturday November 14th to Sunday November 15th 2015. 
Have fun!


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