Sunday, 10 January 2016

Heidi Swapp Mini Minc - Introduction & Tips in Danish

I was so lucky to get the Heidi Swapp Mini Minc Foiling Machine for Christmas from my hubby and had lots of fun testing it out in the holidays. 

I also learned some essential things about the Min Minc which I have done a little video about in Danish. Sorry guys, this is only for those understanding Scandinavian languages.

In my video I explain the basics about the Mini Minc and what to be aware of. Plus what you should definitely NOT do ;)

Previously I have done a couple of other videos about Deco Foil. This one is about using a quite normal laminator for the foiling.

This one is about how you can use those negative leftover pieces you get when making you initial foiling project. This gives you extra value for your money :)

I am off to my baby sisters 20th birthday. Amazing to think she came into this world 20 years kind of makes my feel old now as I am only a couple a years from hitting 40! 
I wonder how Mom and Dad feels ;) 

Have a fabulous Sunday :) 

Pia xx  

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