Sunday, 3 July 2016

Layered Lily in Ett Trykk magazine

Today I am sharing a card I had published in the Norwegian craft magazine Ett Trykk in the June edition. 

The task was to create a card based on a colour scheme. Colour schemes often challenge me as I feel "locked" by the use of colours. But this card is absolutely one of my favorite results :)

The colour combination for the Lily is in my opinion rather bold 'cause of the yellow/vanilla against the pink/purple colours. But the result is stunning!

It takes a bit of practice to use the layered stamps but the end result is purely breathtaking. It is so awesome that more and more layered stamps are coming on market. 

Have a great day!
Pia xx 

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Thank you so much for your comment. I truly appreciate you taking your time to do it. Thank you!