Sunday, 14 July 2013

Combining stamping and pencil marks

This is such a fun technique shown by Jennifer McGuire in Summer Card Camp 2 class on Friday. It is so simple & easy with great result.

This card is also based on colour combination no. 4, which were released on Friday. Guess I am a sucker for the softer colours this week.

This technique combines stamping and pencil marks. Before stamping I have simply drawn some light lines with a pencil (or any other marks made by pencil) using my ruler.
Then I have stamped on top of the pencil marks. This works best with solid stamps. After stamping I have carefully used my eraser to rub off the pencil marks on the white parts.

For this stamping I have also used masking paper. First I stamped the flower on masking paper and fuzzy cut it out. Then I stamped the flower on my card base. After placing the cut out flower of masking paper on top of the stamped image, I could stamp the leaves.

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  1. This looks very pretty and is a fun idea to change any stamp with.

  2. Such a nice idea. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ikke en fin teknik - tak for delingen :o)

  4. Very pretty and the pencil lines really add a nice touch. Love the colour combo too :)


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