Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Washi Wednesday Card #15

Good morning,

It is Wednesday and therefore I have # 15 of my "Washi Wednesday Cards" to share with you today.
First I want to explain what Washi Wednesday Card is all about. Well, it is about the following question....

How many ways can you use Washi Tape on cards?

That's what I am trying to find out!
It is a little personal challenge I have going at the moment. Every Wednesday I will show a new card using Washi Tape and hope to inspire you to use some of your dusty rolls of Washi Tape ;o)
Today I have two cards to share with you. I have used the same Washi Tape technique on both of them, but the cards are still very much different.

Here is the first card:

On the photo below it is easier to see how I have folded the Washi Tape. It is not an easy peasy thing to do, but after a couple of times it's a lot easier.

A little tip is to draw a light pencil line as a guide when folding the Washi Tape on the card stock. Otherwise the Washi Tape easily gets crocked instead of a straight line.

The Washi Tapes used for these cards is unfortunately not on the "Supplies used" list at the end of the post. I purchased these at the super market "Super Best" and it is therefore not possible to link to them.  

Here is my second card using the same technique:

This card is soooo not a traditional Christmas Card. (God Jul means Merry Christmas). But I was so much in the mood for experimenting.

Also for this card I have used the Washi Tape on the card base to make it look like the background is a patterned paper.

The photo below shows the folded Washi Tape really good. It certainly gives dimension to the card and makes the card a bit unique.

You can see some of my earlier Washi Wednesday Cards here....  #4 HERE, # 7 HERE, # 12 HERE and # 14 HERE if you are curious or a new comer to my blog.

That's it for now. Pia xx

Supplies used for the first card:

Supplies used for the second card:


  1. Wow - længe leve washitape! Utroligt. Flotte kort du har lavet. Så anderledes og smuk!

  2. Et kort man bliver glad af bare ved at se på det.

  3. Hvor er det fint. Og sikke smart måde at sætte det tape på. Du forstår at bruge tapen....... Jeg bruger den efterhånden mest til at pynte kuverterne med, når jeg sender til scrappere......!


Thank you so much for your comment. I truly appreciate you taking your time to do it. Thank you!