Thursday, 16 January 2014

3 Mission Cards till the finish line!

 Now I am only 3 cards from the finish line and when that happens I will be a 100% finished with using up the Shop S.E.I. scrapbook kit. YES!! I am soooooo close to the finish line.
Now, you might wonder what Mission Cards I am talking about. Well, it is about using one of my very first Scrapbook purchases and finally use it ALL up. And that will give me some piece of mind to spend a little on some new wonderful scrapbook stuff! And who doesn't want that!
This Mission is about the 8x8 S.E.I. "Scrapbook in a bag" book kit. Bought it years back!
Here is the 3rd last card of this kit....
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This sentiment sticker from the kit was pretty hard to use. The soft colours makes it a little bit hard to read which is a shame.

And I might have gone a little over board with the feathers...LOL. But they were such a good way to use up some of the bits & pieces which were left 0f the paper.

I wish you all a good day :o)

Pia xx

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