Saturday, 11 January 2014

OSH tip #43..... Love You

Valentine's Day is coming up and today I decided to combine two things. It has been a rather productive day as I have managed to make ....7 cards!!

When I make cards I have a little food box on my scrap table in which I collect any usable die-cuts, leftover bits & pieces. So today I decided to combine Operation Skriv Hjem tips with this box of bits & pieces. A perfect oppotunity to get these bits used.
I have a thing for using up things at the moment :o) Just wait and see what my new "Mission" will be in 2014.
Todays card for OSH tip # 43 came out like this....

I had quite a lot of black and pattern paper squares, which were negative die-cuts from a filmstrip die. Now I have used these for this card and two other cards. The alternative would be to throw them out.....what a shame that would be.

This is my little food box with bits & pieces in...
Perhaps I will be able to almost emply it. Who knows!

That's it for now.

Pia xx


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