Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Card Mission continues - Part 2

A serious Mission takes careful planing and preparation!
Especially, if the goal is to carry out with 100% success. Now, the first Mission was a success which means expectations are high. Yikes! What a pressure! LOL....
This is actually really fun! Over the past couple of months I have been deciding what target to use for my next Card Mission. Choosing a target is never easy! 
Now, you might wonder what Card Mission I am talking about. Well, it is about using one of my very first Scrapbook purchases and finally use it ALL up. And that will give me some piece of mind to spend a little on some new wonderful scrapbook stuff!
And who doesn't want that! LOL...
Last Card Mission was about an old ShopSEI Scrapbook-in-a-bag kit. 
This time......for part 2......drum roll.......
It is the Déjá Views 8x8 "My Precious Boy" Paper & Punch-Out Tablet. It is from their Little Ones Collection designed by Sharon Ann. 


And to start off the Card Mission I have my first card ready. Just so you know, I have absolutely no clue to how many cards I will be able to make before reaching the finish line.
But the Mission is on!

This 8x8 pad also includes Punch-Out images. Here I have used the boat and combined two kinds to make the waves.
The sentiment is Danish and means Happy Birthday or Congrats.

That is all for now.
Pia xx
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  1. Rigtig fine kort hele vejen ned på siden, dejlige nye ideer :0)

  2. Du er så sej til de der missioner! Skønt kort.

  3. Skønt kort og en mission jeg ser frem til at følge.

  4. Kender dig jo så heller ikke denne bliver en "Mission Impossible" men jeg vil følge med alligevel. =0)
    Fint drengekort.


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