Thursday, 15 June 2017

Positive/Negative Embossing Technique

Just popping in today to share a technique which I have named "Positive/Negative Embossing". And what is that exactly??

Positive/Negative Embossing is when you can use both the front and the backside of a pattern from an embossing folder. This is possible with most of the "old" kinds of embossing folders, but not with the new generation 3D embossing folders. 

I made this project for the Danish online store Hobbyboden.

For the front panel of the card I also used a embossing diffuser. This way I only got a part of the front panel embossed with the pattern. 

On the photo below you can see how the gold piece shows the positive side of the embossing, whereas the white front panel shows the negative side of the embossing. 

As an extra detail I have lined up the patterns on the two pieces of cardstock. 

It is actually a shame that I don't use my embossing folders more often. It is such an easy way to add interest to your cardstock. 

Have a splendid day.
Pia :)

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