Monday, 10 March 2014

Card Mission Monday #5

Today is Monday and so I have a Mission Card to share with you. The card today is #5 in this Mission, which is my second Mission so far.
The Mission this time is an ancient old 8x8 paper pad kit from Déja Views.
The Card Mission is about using one of my very first Scrapbooking purchases and finally use it ALL up. And that will give me some piece of mind to spend a little on some new wonderful scrapbook stuff!

I admit not being totally satisfied with this card. But it was the best I could do that day using some of those BIG letters from the Kit.
Oh, and the word "HEJ" means Hello in English :o)
That's is all for today - so far.
Pia xx

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  1. Jeg har lade mig inspirere af din Card Mission... Nu skal det være!!!! Jeg har meget papir og vil hver uge tage nogle ark og så gøre noget ud af det - ikke nødvendigvis kort, men også 3 D projekter. Ellers får jeg aldrig mit gl. papir brugt op!


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