Monday, 10 March 2014

Tutorial: DIY Enamel Dots

Enamel Dots are one of the hottest embellishments at the moment, but they tend to be a little bit expensive in the long run.  But then I found this tip on how to make them myself. And the idea was awesome and I just had to try it out myself.

Here is my tutorial on how to make your own Enamel Dots with Glossy Accents and Nail Vernis. The end result was mind blowing and I will definitely continue to make my own Enamel Dots. I got the idea from Kim Kesti, HERE.

The Nail Vernis I have used for my test is just some very cheap ones from the local super market.

My tutorial is also available in Danish in the Online Magazine The Paper Crafting. You can see it HERE. 
Get your materials ready! You will need the following: Glossy Accents, Nail Vernis (polish), an old plastic cover from your latest new stamp purchase. Here you can use anything with an easy-slip surface.
On the picture you can also see some real Enamel Dots from My Mind’s Eye. I put them there to show you, how they look.

Start by making dots with your Glossy Accents. And make them in different sizes.
Remember to hold your Glossy Accents at a 90 degree angle when making the dots. This way they turn out round and perfect.
It is importing the Glossy Accents dots dry for at least 24 hours.
After 24 hours you can add a layer of Nail Vernis. Make sure there is plenty of Vernis on the brush. Better too much, than too little.
It can be tricky at first but dot by dot you will get the hang of it.
It is difficult to avoid excess Nail Vernis but don’t worry. The Nail Vernis will settle nicely while it dries.
Remember that Nail Vernis now a day are made to dry quickly, so you have to work quickly to get a good result.
Let your first layer of Nail Vernis dry properly. Rather too long, than too little. I gave mine at least 4 hours.
When the first layer is dry, you may decide to add an extra layer. This probably depends on the quality for the Vernis. I decided to give mine an extra layer but I also used cheap ones.
 Before you move on to the next step, you have to be absolutely certain that the Nail Vernis is complety dry. I let mine dry overnight.
When your dots are dry you can carefully pick them off the plastic sheet. A trick can be to use your exacto knife. Then take a pair of fine scissors and carefully cut off any excess Nail Vernis.
Depending on the size of your dots start with the biggest ones first. These are easier to do first and you also get the hang of the cutting technique. When you have practiced on the big ones, you can do the small ones.
Here you can see my final result. Don’t they look gorgeous and superb!
Hope you have fun trying this out. I certainly had!
Pia xx
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  1. Du er altså bare så dygtig ja du er. =0)

  2. Det lyder helt utroligt, men hvor er resultatet bare flot

  3. Спасибо за идею )

  4. How do you put them on our project? With a glue? I have tried to make such dots (with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic) and I have a problem, they don't stick :-(
    Karo from Germany

    1. Hi Karolina, I use Glossy Accents to glue the homemade dots on my project. All I need is a tiny little drop of Glossy Accents and they stay put.

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  6. OMG! That is genius!! I assume any nail polish should work? Mentally went through my polishes collection.. I have regular, glittered, crackle , textured. WOW!
    Should try them!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, any kind of mail polish should work. It is probably just a matter of how many layers are needed. With good covering quality perhaps only one layer. Not so good quality I asume 2-3 layers in total.

    2. Wonderful idea, thank you for the tutorial! I'll definitely use your advice and will save a lot of money:-)))

  7. Great idea. I like the look of enamel dots, but reluctant to outlay the expense. And a good way to use up nail polish you no longer use!


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