Saturday, 3 May 2014

OSH tip #50 and celebration of NSD

Here comes my 3rd post for today in celebration of the International Scrapbooking Day.
This time it is my take on the newest tip from the Danish Operation Write Home. And even better! This is their sketch tip number 50!! Huge congrats to Charlie, Cecilie and Fifty.
Well you are not here to read my rambling, so here is my card made out of scraps from the Susaa Scrap Weekend this winter.

Look at that black card stock. It has some shiny text on it and guess where I have it from! It was in the bottom of a clothes stores fabric bag. How great is that!

Here you can see it. I thought it best to take a picture of the card board piece. The stores name was Kenneth Cole, so that name is mentioned pretty often in the text.

That is it for now.
Happy International Scrapbooking Day
Pia xx
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  1. I'm laughing about the words'Kenneth Cole' - I can imagine someone would be puzzled as to why you had sent them a card with Kenneth on it....! But of course, you cannot see the whole words and the effect of the text on the die-cut feathers is fantastic. Love the way they look about to take flight.

  2. Super cool kort her igen Pia, fatter simpelthen ikke hvordan du når det hele LOL.

  3. Kenneth eller ej - det ser supergodt ud. =0) Tak for lykønskningen - og tænk - i snit er der nok 3-4 fifkort - så dvs. der er nogle hundrede fine kort at få inspiration af bare hvad angår fif.

  4. fab Pia,love the one text feather and the one coral feather-great design x


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