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Envelope Punch Board Part 4: Coffin Box

One day on Pinterest I found this great tip from Sam Donald who uses the Envelope Punch Board to make a little pretty coffin box. It looks so much like a chest. Here you can see her video tutorial .
I just had to try out this box after watching Sam Donalds video and I made sure to take a lot of pictures along the way. So here I have a Photo Tutorial for those of you who like to be able to print it out. Also I couldn't help myself - I had to try and make an even bigger chest box. So at the end of the tutorial you get the full measurements for both box sizes!
This tutorial is in English but I have also made a tutorial in Danish for The Paper Crafting Magazine. Go HERE for the Danish version.
You will need the following materials for this box:
  • Envelope Punch Board
  • Design paper 6"x6", double sided if possible.
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive / glue
  • 1 pcs. brads
  • Small punch or steel die, for example heart shaped.
Right, let's get started.

Your paper must be 6"x6" to make the small box.
If you are using striped paper hear this fabulous tip from Sam Donald.
If the stripes are turning as shown on my photo, the box will end out with horizontal stripes (Top left to Down right).
If the stripes are turning opposite, then the box will end up with vertical stripes (Top right to Down left).
First punch is at 1,5" and remember to score.

Turn the paper as shown on photo and punch this time at 3" and score.

Turn the paper again and punch at 1,5"and score.
Turn again and punch on the last side at 3" and score.
Now we have punched on all four sides. Flip over the paper as we are now going to punch on the backside.
Follow your scorelines and let the guide tip (arrow on photo) of the punch button follow your scorelines and punch.
This means you will get two punches right next to eachother BUT this time you do NOT score!
Follow the scorelines on every side and punch.
Remember not to score! 
I have turned my paper to the backside 'cause here the scorelines are shown more clearly. This is how it should end up looking. 
Notice that there are only 4 scorelines. This is because we only scored in the first round of punching.
We also have to remember to round our cornes on the paper. 
Take your scissors and make cuts as shown by the arrows on the photo. 

Here the cuts are made and we can now make the folds following the scorelines. You can use the bonefolder to press the folds.
When we have pressed all the scorelines we can carefully "gather" the box. BUT no adhesive is used at this point!
The purpose of this test folding of the box is to find the rigtht place to make a little punch hole. This hole will work as our closing mechanisme.
I have made a little mark with a pencil where I want my punch hole. As I did not have a small enough punch suited for this, I had to use a little steel die. If you have a punch like Sam's or a small heart punch, then you should of course use it.

I ended up using a little heart die. The shape of the heart will work perfectly as closing mechanisme. But this means I have to use the Big Shot (or any other can be used).
If you have a punch suited for this, then you can jump to no. 15!

Now it gets a little tricky. As our paper base is 6"x6" it is to wide to go through the Big Shot. You have two choices here!
You can do as shown on the pictures in no. 13 and 14. This means that you only partly runs the paper through the Big Shot. This way it is only the part with the steel die which runs through and then you run it backwards again.
you can fold in the two side flaps. Just fold it following the scorelines and there the whole thing can easily be run through the Big Shot. (I didn't think about this until after the photos were taken).

As mentioned under no. 13 be careful to stop in time if you have choosen the version shown in my photos.

We have now made out little punch hole.

I have marked with X and arrows where we have to add adhesive.
In my first go I only used normal adhesive tape, but had to add glue later on to hold the box properly together.

Lets start putting the box together.

All the sides have now been glued together.
Notice that we do not have any scorelines at the top of the box. This is because we want a soft fold and this is why the little box ends up looking like a little chest.

Carefully bend down the top flaps and use your hand to hold it closed. Find the place where you want to put the brad.
The brad will be the last part of the closing mechanisme for the box. This is also why the heart shaped punch works well.
I have made a pencil mark where I want my brad to be.

Use your Big Bite, Silent Setter or a thick needle to make the hole.
We are now finished and the box is ready to be used. 

Here you see the final result! 
Notice the lovely curved look of the box.


I put two pieces of Ferrero Rochers in my box and added a little gift tag.

You can also put easter eggs in the box or jewelry. Anything is possible with this little coffin box. It is like a little treasure chest.

When I had made my first box out of 6"x6" paper I thought to myself that it must be possible to make the same box out of 12"x12" paper. And so I did!
The photo below shows you the difference in size between the two boxes. The big box has plenty of room to hold giftcards.



Little Box (as Sam Donald's):
Paper size: 6" x 6".
Score at 1½" og 3".
Final measurements for the box: L:9,5 cm x W:4,0 cm x H: 3,5 cm.
Big Box:
Paper size: 12" x 12".
Score at 2½" og 5".
Final measurements for the box: L: 16,5 cm x W: 7,5 cm x H: 9,5 cm.

Notice the diagonal stripes on the little box in the last photo. This box is made of paper where the stripes were horizontal.
It is basically a matter of taste whether you want your stripes to go horisontal on the box or vertical or diagonal.

Pia :o)

Supplies used:

Little box with orange stripes

Gift tag on little box

Big box and gift tag

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