Friday, 8 August 2014

Multi Colour Embossing with powder

Today was a bit tricky as class is focused on outline stamps, but I don't have any suited for this. Have ordered a stamp set for exactly this, but it hasn't arrived in the mail yet :o(
I have been checking the mailbox everyday in hopes it would turn up.
After some quick thinking I decided to go for a background stamp. So I have played with Jennifer McGuires technique "Multi color embossing" and an alphabet background stamp.
This is also a take on the Word Search from the other day.

First I inked up the background stamp with Versamark. Wiped off the edges with a wet tissue to get a gradient look.

Then used Jennifers trick with a cut over straw to carefully put on the pink embossing powder. Directly thereafter I applied (also with the straw) the other colour of embossing powder.

This card is with my first go at this. Very satisfied with it.
Had though a few touches which had to be re-powdered as Jennifer showed.

Thank you for watching :o)

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  1. Cute take on Jennifer's technique and the word search. Truly a FUN concept for a card! Thanks Pia for your card today. It is tough to wait for a special thing that has been ordered.

  2. This is really clever, Pia!! I'm almost glad your stamps didn't show up because I love how you creatively met the challenge! Hope they show up soon, though. :)

  3. Beautifully done, Pia! Love the way you adapted today's lesson!

  4. Love how you combined both techniques! Beautiful card.

  5. Zowie! Great card. Great way to think outside of the box.

  6. Wonderful take in this technique. A great card

  7. Beautiful - great job with this technique!

  8. great way to combine both techniques and to use what you have in your stash.

  9. brilliant card and use of two techniques


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