Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Double layered Texture Paste

Todays card is for the Day 4 lesson at Online Card Classes latest class "Clean & Simple 4". 

I didn't quite know if I wanted to try out this technique 'cause it looked rather challenging to me. But nevertheless I have actually made two cards with this technique which I would call "Double Layered Paste". Because you actually make two layers of paste on top of each other. 

Her you get to see my first card - and it didn't go completely smoothly. 

My first layer of Texture Paste is made with the Dots pattern stencil. I also gave the Texture Paste a little colour using Distres Ink. 

The second layer of Texture Paste is with the pink feathers. Here I didn't have a suitable stencil, so I made one myself using an old office plastic folder and die-cut the feathers. Here I also coloured the paste with Distress Ink. 

Now the tricky part is to avoid any paste from creeping under your stencil, when you are laying down the second layer of paste. One of my pink feathers didn't turn out so good, but I managed to cover it up with the vellum feather.


This technique was in my opinion one of the most challenging and tricky ones in this class. But I do not believe it will be the last time I give it a go :o)

Pia xx

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  1. Det er da rigtig fint, og en fed farve, du har brugt til det også. Det vil enhver pige da alske at modtage.

  2. Det slap du da godt fra - lækre farver. =0)

  3. Such a great card!!! You're to strict to yourself, your card is amazing! Love how you have combined these two designs. Smart idea to make a diy stencil. The the colors chosen - beautiful!!


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