Monday, 14 September 2015

A hard one to make

Today's card are one of those that are really, really hard to make. 

My Godmother asked me make a card for someone battling cancer and the it was already known that he would say goodbye sooner or later. She had gone to the stores to try and find a suiting card but couldn't find anything fitting to send. And of course, I said yes to make a card for her to send. It was the least I could do.

Knowing the recipient of the card didn't make it any easier for me but I felt blessed to have met him at family dinners at my Godmother's.

I did make a how-to video for this card. In the video I use one of my homemade stencils for the diagonal stripes on the card. 

The card did arrive in time to England but only a little after did he say his goodbyes.

That is all for today. 

 Pia :o)

Supplies used: 


  1. Flot kort, sad story,great film. ;O)))

  2. These cards ARE hard to make. But you did a great job! It's so touching.

  3. Uff, slike kort er ikke lette og lage. Men synes du klarte den oppgaven kjempebra. Kortet ble utrolig flott!


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