Friday, 25 December 2015

Home Class Christmas Card

One day in December I held a mini home class for two of my sweet neighbors (we are all doggie Mums) on our street. 
My two neighbors had made a pact to agree to try out 10 hobbies. Each should find 5 hobbies to try out. Both had to join in without complaining! 

So I was asked to introduce them to Card Making. Hobby no. 1 - Check!! ;)

It was a success and they both walked home proudly with two handmade cards which they had made all by themselves. They were quite surprised by the number of tools and techniques in this hobby. When I introduced the Big Shot, the Heat Gun, stencils, Colour Inks, their eyes lit up in excitement and they went in a 100%. 

Today's card it one of the cards I made during home class to teach them 
Heat Embossing with a background stamp. 

The sentiment is Danish and means "Merry Rudolph Christmas". 

It's the 25th of December and for us Scandinavians it's the day after Christmas Eve. 
A day of total and utterly relaxation - NO plans at all. It's pyjama day! 

Merry After-Christmas Day!
Pia xx

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  1. Den baggrund er bare lækker :)
    Det lyder hyggeligt med det mini kursus - kan godt forstå de var benovede ;) vi har jo meget "udstyr" til vores dejlige hobby!

  2. Wow, Pia... this looks fantastic! I love that red patterned background with the white deer. Great contrast and a very elegant holiday look!
    - Shauna

  3. Det set super smukt ud med den embossede baggrund

  4. What a great idea with your neighbours. Here I just love the vellum touch x


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