Sunday, 31 January 2016

Watercolor Class - Intermediate Techniques

This past week I have been participating in Online Card Classes newest watercolor class named "Intermediate Techniques" which is their 3rd watercolor class in a row. 

Unfortunately, I haven't had time to participate in class (until now) 'cause of work. 

So I kind if just jumped right into it Saturday while I was in a creative workshop with two of my neighbors. I'll tell you more about this later. 

Here is my go at days 5/6 in class. 

One thing I have learned about this is - Practice, practice and practice :)

Pia xx


  1. This is just beautiful Pia! Like you, I only started the class at the weekend (work gets in the way of your hobbies, doesn't it?) so I haven't had any time to practise. This is a work of art. Frame it!! x

  2. Your flowers and leaves especially are gorgeous, Pia ! You leave the white spaces that I struggle to include. Really beautiful !!

  3. Åh vad vackra blommor!
    Vackert kort!

  4. This are probably my favorite of all the students painting!!! You're foliage is awesome!

  5. Fantastic work Pia! I like the layers and the extra bit of splatter.
    - Shauna


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