Friday, 29 April 2016

Acetate dry embossed window

Last day of class at Online Card Classes and we are still working on Acetate techniques. 

I must admit Jennifer McGuire keeps amazing me. Fair enough, this is her proffession but still. She rocks!

Today Jennifer showed us techniques with dry embossing acetate and vellum. I decided to try this out but didn't have any heavy acetate. 

I therefore decided on creating a card with an acetate window which has been dry embossed. The twist is - the acetate embossed pattern matches up with the card frame. I am not perfectly happy with the result but it still works. 
It would probably work better with heavier acetate.  

It is really difficult to get a good picture of acetate 'cause it reflects all the light. 

If you look carefully you can see the dry embossed woodgrain pattern lines up both on the acetate and the cardbase. This was on purpose and a bit tricky as my acetate warped a lot. 

In an attempt to sturdy the cardfront and acetate a bit I decided to add a second frame to the back of the acetate. Here I have used glitter paper inspired by Jennifer's choice for her card. 

I have used ordinary heavy glitter gift wrapping paper which has this kind of plastic feel to the back. The company I work for produces this, so I have nicked a couple of customer samples to play with ;) 

I definitely have to work more on this technique and try out other combinations with acetate. I would really like to get a better result some day :)

I haven't had time to play along on these online classes for some time and I am having a ball. Thank God for flex time at work ;)

Anyone else enjoying themselves??


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  1. I am loving these classes and the techniques are fabulous. Your card is lovely as it is. It sometimes takes a while to get all the correct types of goodies that have been used especially when you don't live in America. Helen R Scotland

  2. Pia, Your cards always catch my eye. Beautifully done. I love the repeat of the embossed pattern across both the white card and the acetate. That was absolutely brilliant.

  3. kjempe tøft kort, herlige farger, har prøvd å embosse acetat før og det har blitt at den kutter i stedet hehe ble inspirert til å prøve igjen nå :) Ha en fin dag. Graciela

  4. Det er blevet et rigtig flot kort. Flot med den turkise farve til det sort/hvide. Jeg har desværre ikke haft så meget tid til dette kursus, men teknikken med at embosse acetat skal jeg klart have prøvet på et tidspunkt for det ser rigtig godt ud :)

  5. Pia, this card is absolutely stunning! I had to look at it several times to take it all in and make sure I didn't miss a detail - just a fantastic technique and a stunning end result! The card is perfect :)

  6. Hi Pia! Good to see you in class again. I think we've followed each other for quite a while in these classes. Aren't they great? I, too, followed Jennifer's lesson but had clear acetate that wasn't thick enough. I still gave it a shot, but it was hard to photograph. Your idea of using the acetate for the center of your card and then framing it was genius! I absolutely LOVE your card and the way the embossing shows on the frame. Your sentiment looks great, too. See you next class!


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