Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Creative Use of Embossing Powders with OCC Heat Wave

Day 3 of the Heat Wave online class with Online Card Classes has started off. 

Today Jennifer McGuire introduced the technique of using embossing powders with double sided tape sheet - actually the same technique you can do with glitter powder. 

I decided to combine two dies for my card and on top of that used multiple colours of embossing powders. 

Here is my card for todays's a bit tricky to get good pics of all that glitter shine from the WOW embossing powders. 

 To start off I adhered a piece of double sided tape to a thick piece of card stock.

 As my first die I have used a background die with the wavy look. To make the card more Christmasy I then afterwards layered a snowflake die. The trick is for the dies not to cut all the way through the card stock.

 I then removed the tape sheet topping for the snowflake and poured on the first colour of embossing powder. Giving it a good rub with my fingers to get the powder to stick with the tape sheet. 

 I continued this process bit by bit until the whole piece was covered with 4 different colours of embossing powders. 

In the end I did give it a good rub with my bonefolder. I put a sheet of printer sheet onto and the used the bonefolder to really rub in the embossing powder. 

The sentiment is plainly heat embossed with silver embossing powder. 

I must admit this card took quite a bit of work. But the result is very gorgeous!

Pia xx

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  1. Wow! Jättevackert kort! Hur mycket glitter/embossing pulver har du på ditt bord! Jag har inte använt ens en bråkdel embossing pulver och det är överallt!-Tina

  2. Lækkert kort! og virkelig flot version af Jennifers McGuires teknik :)

  3. Awesome card, bet is really sparkly IRL with all the glitter.

  4. Beautiful use of the techniques we learned in class today. Worth all the work!

  5. Wow Pia, this card looks great!
    You did a perfect job with the advanced techniques of the OCC-HW!
    Greetings from Wiebke (KomMa-designed)

  6. Super flot udgave af kort fra dit kursus. Skønne nuancer du har brugt.


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