Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Heat Embossing Details with OCC Heat Wave

'This Monday Online Card Classes newest class "Heat Wave" began. I got tempted and enrolled in class 'cause you never know if you might learn something new!

For my card today I have combined 3 different ways of using heat embossing. 
  • Adding details to pattern paper using the Quickie Glue pen. 
  • Embossing the die-cut sentiment.
  • Embossing cardstock strips so they match the card perfectly. 
  Here is how my final card turned out....

I always love to use heat embossing on structured cardstock 'cause the structure shows through the heat embossing if you only add one layer. This you can see on the vertical strips I have adhered to to frame the pattern paper on both sides. 

 By using the Quickie Glue pen, which has a very detailed tip, I have added details to the pattern paper. Even though it is a glue pen and not an embossing pen it holds on to the embossing powder just fine.

I have given my die-cut sentiment a single layer of embossing powder. 
The Danish sentiment means "Hugs" in English.

That is all for now.
Pia xx

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  1. Lækkert kort. Jeg er selv med på kurset og synes det er interessant :) Der er ikke sååh meget nyt, men lidt små tips jeg ikke havde tænkt på er da kommet frem :) Specielt i dag :)

  2. Beautiful card, I love the gold embossed highlighting, and how you took your leaf die-cut and sentiment past the the gold border you created using double sided tape. Lovely. Knus!

  3. Gorgeous card, this class is fun and I don't know about you but I am learning all kinds of new things

  4. Vilket fint kort och vad många "embossade" detaljer du fått med!-Tina

  5. Super fedt kort! Det ser virkelig godt ud med guld detaljerne på mønsterpapiret - god ide (den må jeg huske senere ;) ) Jeg er også hoppet med på det kursus - man kan ligesom ikke lade være vel ;)

  6. I'm taking the same class and I love seeing what you did with it here! It wouldn't have occurred to me to use a glue pen to add detail to a patterned paper, so thanks for that idea!

  7. Super ide med limpennen. Det vidste jeg ikke og FLOT kort. =0)

  8. Pia, your combination of the different techniques / tips shown in the OCC-HW turned out great!
    Greetings from Wiebke (KomMa-designed)


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