Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Christmas in Black

Here is one of my more untraditional Christmas cards 'cause it's very black. 

This is a shaker-Christmas card. All the little hearts within the big heart are so lovely - a mix of glitter hearts, black and plain red hearts.

The sentiment is Danish and means: 
Christmas Joy is spread with glitter and card. 

I don't know about you, but I always struggle with taking photos of black projects. This also goes for this one.  

I made this card for a Guest Designer spot for Norwegian Kaboks in September. 
I have previously been on their design team and was asked to join in for a visit :) 

At the top of the heart I have placed two red glitter birds. For some this could be cardinals but in Scandinavia our winter bird is the Dompap (guess it's called Bullfinch in English).

Pia xx

Supplies used: 


  1. Skønt julekort i Sort og rødt og jeg er vild med, at det er et shaker kort...
    Tak for kigget på din blog,du har mange fine ting ��

  2. Hej Pia - hold da maule et lækkert julekort - og søde fugle med glimmer. Tak for dit bidrag her i OSH's juleindlæg. =0)


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