Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Pattern Play - Day 2

We have yet again been given loads of tips and techniques in todays class. A whole new world within pattern paper has arised for me today.

One day when I have better time I will try and tell you the basic rules (and a few tricks) when using pattern paper on cards.

Of all the techniques shown in class today I've decided to try out "emboss resist on pattern paper". Here you heat emboss a piece of pattern paper using clear embossing powder. Thereafter you rub ink over it. The clear embossing will "resist" the ink and let the original pattern & colour of the paper show through.

It is important that the pattern is not too "busy" and not with a too large pattern.

On my card I've used the technique to make the pattern with the clouds (which is actually talk bubbles - but never mind)

First I stamped with VersaMark embossing ink and used clear embossing powder. Then I used a little spondge to rub in Hero Arts "Soft Pool" ink. What comes next is a very interesting trick. 

One of our teachers, Jennifer McGuire, showed us this trick. After you have applied the ink you can actually remove the clear embossing from the paper. This is done using an iron but be careful. Make sure to use a piece of scrap paper between the embossing and the iron. Repeat with the iron and a fresh piece of paper as many times as neccesarry untill the embossing is all gone. Then you are left with a "new" pattern paper and no shine from the clear embossing. How amazing is that!

On the above shown picture you can see that there is not shine on the "embossed" paper with the clouds. That because the clear embossing is all gone!

I've taken a photo of the original paper - of how it looked before I used the "emboss resist" technique.


Thanks for your curiosity. I'd love to hear your comments about your experiences with all the techniques in todays class. Which one was your favorite?

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  1. Using clouds was a great idea and they go so well with the sentiment.


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