Monday, 30 September 2013

Two times Christmas Cards

Hello again,
Today I will share with you a couple of Christmas Cards I made a while back at a Scrap Marathon at Love2Scrap. It was my intention to make only one card, but I happend to end up with two cards. You'll see how that happend if you keep reading ...LOL.
This is the card I had in mind, where I wanted to make my own chip board letters for the words "God Jul" which means Merry Christmas.
The chip board letters are made of 4 layers of card stock. The first layers are of red card stock and the front layer of white card stock.

As I mentioned before it was my intention only to make one card, but when I had cut out the 3 sets of "God Jul" in the red card stock I could see the potential in the negative piece.
If I had know I would end up using this piece of scrap for a card I would have been more careful with lining up the letters. If you look closely you can see the L's tilting in the end.
Well, I will know that next time ;o)

Enjoy your Monday!
Pia xx
Supplies used - Card 1:

Supplies used - Card 2:  


  1. Ja det kan altid godt betale sig at passe på, da du faktisk ret ofte kan få ret gode ting ud ag alle negativerne fra de fleste ting. Fine kort begge to.

  2. Sikke en god ide! Er vild med det grafiske look på det første kort

  3. Flotte kort - god ide at bruge "negativet"

  4. Flotte kort og sjovt som en ide kan komme af sig selv.....
    Det er et godt ord at bruge negativet fra !

  5. Ja der er IKKE noget som helst negativt ved de kort. =0)


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