Monday, 24 February 2014

"The Hoarders Video Revisited" på You Tube......Article in The Paper Crafting Magazine

Have you seen the colourful Linda in "The Hoarders Video Revisited" on You Tube? No!

Go to The Paper Crafting Magazine and read my most recent article HERE about this Hoarders video.
We scrappers have a tendency to go WAY overboard in shopping and Linda is a perfect example of this. When I saw this You Tube video again recently it made me think. Yes, I thought the video was rather funny and entertaining, but it was also a wake up call. 
In my article I give some suggestions to, what you can do if you are in the same boat as Linda. I admit being in the boart with Linda! And because of that I have a "Card Mission" going on at the moment. It is actually my second Mission and it really challenges me. My first Mission had tons of pastel colours and my present Mission enholds lovely Boyish colours.

If you are curious and would like to take a trip through all my "Mission Cards" until now, then just click on the Label by the same name on the left side of my blog. Enjoy and hopefully, you might get a little inspired.
You can also take a look at The Hoarders video HERE.

Bear in mind that Linda is just a normal scrapper as you and me. And the attention her You Tube video got was very overwelming for her. She has therefore made "a heartfelt Thank You" video and you can see it HERE. It includes a personal greeting from the one and only Tim Holtz!
That's it for now. Have a nice day everyone.
Pia xxx

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