Thursday, 6 March 2014

Stencils and glitter....

....equals lots of possibilities.
Look at this glitter extravaganza card which I have made with a stencil.
I was totally inspired when I saw THIS card by Jennifer McGuire. She even shows the technique in a video tutorial.
The basic materials to use for this are double sided adhesive sheet, a stencil, embossing ink and lots of glitter.
The embossing ink is used as an anti-stick lubricant. Before placing the stencil on the double sided adhesive sheet, the stencil is dabbed with the embossing ink. This prevents the stencil from getting permanently stuck on the adhesive sheet.  

Look how detailed the glitter is on the card and just by using a stencil!
The glitter I have used for this card is just something I bought cheap in a super market. This is why it is not on the supply list.

A word of advise.
Be careful when playing with glitter. Do your best to contain the glitter to avoid it from getting everywhere. When I was making this card I had the vacumer rigth next to me and I used it A LOT during the process. And it worked! When I was done with this card I had ONLY glitter extravaganza on the card and not on my desk.
Have a good day.
Pia xx

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  1. WAUW hvor er det flot Pia. Virkelig flot og så så simpelt at lave. Det skal i hvert fald prøves engang.

  2. Der er da glimmer for alle pengene. Super flot.

  3. Ser totalt godt ud - det må jeg prøve.

  4. Sådan noget har ja da vist på lager så det må vist prøves på et tidspunkt.
    Rigtig god ide og dit kort er rigtig smukt og elegant ;O))


Thank you so much for your comment. I truly appreciate you taking your time to do it. Thank you!